The color of hunger

When I get that sensation of hunger,

My belly starts to howl, turning into a beast.

It starts off as a blue representing sadness.

This sadness is the emptiness that resides until there’s food.

The color soon changes to  green.

When I see a yummy snack, the beast quickly fills with envy.

A shade of red starts to form, this monster’s getting more hungry.

Deep inside, I can hear it moaning, groaning, even grumbling.

When at last, I take a bite of something very scrumptious,

The beast is calm, the color’s now yellow.

It is happy, content and shining.


What is the weather outside like?

There is a cool breeze dancing among the leaves today.

It plays with my hair and it rubs my face.

The air is warm but not too hot,

And the clouds, they just hover above our house and watch.

The backdrop is a painted blue sky,

While down on Earth’s stage, birds sing their favorite tunes and ants march on by.

Days have started to become much shorter,

And flowers continue giving off a sweet aroma.

Little animals gather food for the cold,

Autumn is on its way with reds, yellows and golds.

What a perfect day it is indeed,

A little chilly but I can still have barefeet.

What is the weather outside like?

It is calm and warm, an almost perfect life.


Stolen Prince Charming

I look in the mirror,
The time is right.
I’m all ready,
You’re stuck outside.
The blizzard has trapped everyone,
Out in the driveway.
What a perfect start
To our wedding day.
I sit back and watch
As you drive people in.
For some this would be a disaster,
For me, all I can do is grin.
I have waited for this day all of my life.
A little more waiting seems alright.
When at last you’re in to finally get dressed,
My excitement rises and I take a deep breath.
I look in the mirror once again,
I ask if I am ready to take this step.
A smile shows itself to my face,
I am so so ready, never a better time,
Or even a better place.
It seems like forever waiting to wed.
All I can think of is, “I hope I don’t mess up.”
At last the time has come to exchange our vows.
My dad comes in, smiling and proud.
He has done good, to raise me right.
Now he is giving me away to the love of my life.
As we walk down the hall, and both set of stairs,
Everyone is looking, some smiling, other sharing tears.
He is in my view, standing tall.
He is so handsome, I am the luckiest girl of all.
I continue to walk until we are facing each other.
A tear falls down my cheek as I look at my lover.
Not because I’m sad but because I’m so happy.
As we exchange vows and give each other the rings,
The butterflies in my stomach start fluttering.
And then I hear it, “You may kiss the bride.”
I lean in and touch his lips, this love is so true.
We are now one as I say, “I love you.”
The rest of the day, well that is now past.
It seems like the year has gone by way too fast.
I feel I have know him my entire life,
Everyday is a new adventure, one that is right.
As we continue down this amazing path,
We’ll share memories, tears and laughs.
I couldn’t love a more amazing guy.
Another one doesn’t even exist in this life.
No sorry ladies, I have stolen Prince Charming.
He is mine forever, there is no parting.

Safe and loved

While I sleep with you behind me,
I feel your arm sneak around my hips.
I pretend to be sleeping but secretly smile
Because I love being so close knit.

You kiss my cheek and check if I’m awake,
And If I am not you talk anyway.
You say that you love me and how beautiful I am,
I am so glad that you are my man.

God brought us together and I am so blessed
To be waking up next to you after a good night’s rest.
I am cared for and loved, and safe in your arms,
I like when I’m held, for you keep me warm.

We’re a team, husband and wife, yes you and I.
Our love is pure and true, one that can’t be denied.
I love you more than April showers that bring May flowers,
My love for you has no time, minutes, seconds or hours.

When we are old and in rocking chairs,
I can’t wait to point out all of your gray hairs.
As we’ll look back on all the fun that we had,
We’ll still tell jokes to make each other laugh.

I love you.


Her moving body
Most powerful kicks,
Everytime she sticks,
Her foot in my ribs,
I rub my belly and smile.

Feeling this baby,
Dance inside me
Is a feeling like no other.
A child moving so freely,
I just sit back and smile.

When that day comes,
I’ll be pushing out my girl
I will cry happy tears,
She’s already our whole world.
I will rest back my head and smile.

Sweet Emma

With every kick and every punch,
I continue loving you so, so much!
As you grow and move about,
I wonder what you’ll look like when you come out.
Will you have daddy’s eyes and my brown hair?
Maybe his chin and my small ears?
As we wait for that special day,
I thank the Lord for you along the way.
My baby girl, pride and treasure.
Carrying you is more than a pleasure.
It is like an adventure, a journey in life.
I cannot wait to hold you all day and night.
My baby, I love you more than anything else.
More than money, and riches, and life itself.
I cannot wait to at last finally meet you.
My love, our bond, is love so true.
Daddy and I are both so very glad
To have the privilege of being your mom and dad.

The love in a home

In the heart of every home,
Is a special love that everyone knows.
There is laughter and running feet,
And whatever is put before you, is what you eat.
A movie and then bed time, some quiet time at last.
Mom is exhausted, oh how the days go by so fast.
She crawls into bed, right next to her hubby,
And falls fast asleep forgetting about the kids’ tubby.
She sighs a deep breath and thinks, “Tomorrow night it is”
And with that drifts to sleep after first giving her husband a kiss.
There you can see the evidence of love in the home
And with all that love, one will never be alone.


The very day I lost you,
My heart was broken forever.
I cried for days and weeks,
Felt broken, even severed.
My body didn’t feel right,
You weren’t growing in my uterus
I blamed God with all my anger,
And completely felt useless.
You now have a baby sister or brother
And every time daddy and I argue,
One very worried mother.
We argued a lot when I was carrying you.
I was so stressed out with everything,
That’s when our family shrunk from three to two.
I know you’re safe with Jesus today.
I think of you often
But that doesn’t make the pain go away.
One day we will get to meet each other,
For now I patiently wait,
For your baby sister or baby brother.

Written by
Katelyn Curit.

Aydin the Almighty puts the fire out.

Once upon a time there lived a brave boy. This boy’s name was Aydin. By day, Aydin was your average six-year-old but by night Aydin became a superhero. His goal was to help people and to stop criminals. He was able to fly over oceans, lift tall buildings and has sonic hearing. Aydin always made sure he was home by nine o’ clock. At nine o’clock, Aydin’s mom always checked in on him.
One night, Aydin was sitting on his dad’s lap watching a tv show. All of a sudden, he heard a loud cry. He pretended to be really tired and stood up. His dad looked at him and asked, “Are you okay buddy?” Aydin nodded and said, “I’m just really tired.” Aydin said goodnight to his mom and dad and walked up the stairs. “Good night hunny” His mom chimed in.
As soon as Aydin got into his room, he pulled on his cape, opened his window and flew out the window to go help and fight crime. As he was flying over the oceans, Aydin continued hearing the loud cries and screams and flew into this little town in Iowa.
It happened to be that there was no criminal but instead a burning building. A woman was trapped in the third floor. Aydin flew into the building and swept the woman off her feet. He ducked his head and put his fist out and broke through the wall and landed the woman safely on the ground. As for the fire, Aydin grabbed a hose and flew up and worked hard to put the fire out. As soon as the fire went out, Aydin put the hose down and went back into the building. He wanted to make sure there was no one else in the building. Everyone down below was staring in awe. Aydin circled around the building to make sure everything was fine. It looked like everything was fine so Aydin took off on his way home.
He looked at his scooby-doo watch and saw that it was eight-thirty. He had to get home and fast. He flew through the skies and right into his bedroom window. He untied his cape and slipped back into bed. Being a hero was a tough job and was Aydin sure tired!
At nine o’clock exactly, Aydin’s mom and dad walked into Aydin’s room to see a sleeping boy. They walked over and each kissed him on the head.
“I don’t know how, but his window is always open.” His mom explained. Her husband smiled and closed the window. He had noticed after closing the window, his little boy was smiling. Secretly Aydin’s daddy knew his secret.

The air I breathe

A home cooked meal every night,
Tucked into bed with a little night light.
Hugs and kisses before going to school,
Homework first, because that was the rule.
Whatever is in front of you, that’s what you eat,
This is my home, the air I breathe.

Church on Sundays in our best clothes,
Never argue with parents, is what we were told.
Play outside until the street lights came on
Showers then bed, school in the morn.
Waking up, brushing our teeth,
Yes, this is the air I breathe.

Beginning to start a family of my own.
Away from the nest, I have flown.
A baby on the way, excitement in the air,
Can’t wait to be holding our sweet baby with care.
Our life we are making is so lovely and sweet.
I love that this is the air I breathe.