The air I breathe

A home cooked meal every night,
Tucked into bed with a little night light.
Hugs and kisses before going to school,
Homework first, because that was the rule.
Whatever is in front of you, that’s what you eat,
This is my home, the air I breathe.

Church on Sundays in our best clothes,
Never argue with parents, is what we were told.
Play outside until the street lights came on
Showers then bed, school in the morn.
Waking up, brushing our teeth,
Yes, this is the air I breathe.

Beginning to start a family of my own.
Away from the nest, I have flown.
A baby on the way, excitement in the air,
Can’t wait to be holding our sweet baby with care.
Our life we are making is so lovely and sweet.
I love that this is the air I breathe.

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