Aydin the Almighty puts the fire out.

Once upon a time there lived a brave boy. This boy’s name was Aydin. By day, Aydin was your average six-year-old but by night Aydin became a superhero. His goal was to help people and to stop criminals. He was able to fly over oceans, lift tall buildings and has sonic hearing. Aydin always made sure he was home by nine o’ clock. At nine o’clock, Aydin’s mom always checked in on him.
One night, Aydin was sitting on his dad’s lap watching a tv show. All of a sudden, he heard a loud cry. He pretended to be really tired and stood up. His dad looked at him and asked, “Are you okay buddy?” Aydin nodded and said, “I’m just really tired.” Aydin said goodnight to his mom and dad and walked up the stairs. “Good night hunny” His mom chimed in.
As soon as Aydin got into his room, he pulled on his cape, opened his window and flew out the window to go help and fight crime. As he was flying over the oceans, Aydin continued hearing the loud cries and screams and flew into this little town in Iowa.
It happened to be that there was no criminal but instead a burning building. A woman was trapped in the third floor. Aydin flew into the building and swept the woman off her feet. He ducked his head and put his fist out and broke through the wall and landed the woman safely on the ground. As for the fire, Aydin grabbed a hose and flew up and worked hard to put the fire out. As soon as the fire went out, Aydin put the hose down and went back into the building. He wanted to make sure there was no one else in the building. Everyone down below was staring in awe. Aydin circled around the building to make sure everything was fine. It looked like everything was fine so Aydin took off on his way home.
He looked at his scooby-doo watch and saw that it was eight-thirty. He had to get home and fast. He flew through the skies and right into his bedroom window. He untied his cape and slipped back into bed. Being a hero was a tough job and was Aydin sure tired!
At nine o’clock exactly, Aydin’s mom and dad walked into Aydin’s room to see a sleeping boy. They walked over and each kissed him on the head.
“I don’t know how, but his window is always open.” His mom explained. Her husband smiled and closed the window. He had noticed after closing the window, his little boy was smiling. Secretly Aydin’s daddy knew his secret.

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