Safe and loved

While I sleep with you behind me,
I feel your arm sneak around my hips.
I pretend to be sleeping but secretly smile
Because I love being so close knit.

You kiss my cheek and check if I’m awake,
And If I am not you talk anyway.
You say that you love me and how beautiful I am,
I am so glad that you are my man.

God brought us together and I am so blessed
To be waking up next to you after a good night’s rest.
I am cared for and loved, and safe in your arms,
I like when I’m held, for you keep me warm.

We’re a team, husband and wife, yes you and I.
Our love is pure and true, one that can’t be denied.
I love you more than April showers that bring May flowers,
My love for you has no time, minutes, seconds or hours.

When we are old and in rocking chairs,
I can’t wait to point out all of your gray hairs.
As we’ll look back on all the fun that we had,
We’ll still tell jokes to make each other laugh.

I love you.

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