Stolen Prince Charming

I look in the mirror,
The time is right.
I’m all ready,
You’re stuck outside.
The blizzard has trapped everyone,
Out in the driveway.
What a perfect start
To our wedding day.
I sit back and watch
As you drive people in.
For some this would be a disaster,
For me, all I can do is grin.
I have waited for this day all of my life.
A little more waiting seems alright.
When at last you’re in to finally get dressed,
My excitement rises and I take a deep breath.
I look in the mirror once again,
I ask if I am ready to take this step.
A smile shows itself to my face,
I am so so ready, never a better time,
Or even a better place.
It seems like forever waiting to wed.
All I can think of is, “I hope I don’t mess up.”
At last the time has come to exchange our vows.
My dad comes in, smiling and proud.
He has done good, to raise me right.
Now he is giving me away to the love of my life.
As we walk down the hall, and both set of stairs,
Everyone is looking, some smiling, other sharing tears.
He is in my view, standing tall.
He is so handsome, I am the luckiest girl of all.
I continue to walk until we are facing each other.
A tear falls down my cheek as I look at my lover.
Not because I’m sad but because I’m so happy.
As we exchange vows and give each other the rings,
The butterflies in my stomach start fluttering.
And then I hear it, “You may kiss the bride.”
I lean in and touch his lips, this love is so true.
We are now one as I say, “I love you.”
The rest of the day, well that is now past.
It seems like the year has gone by way too fast.
I feel I have know him my entire life,
Everyday is a new adventure, one that is right.
As we continue down this amazing path,
We’ll share memories, tears and laughs.
I couldn’t love a more amazing guy.
Another one doesn’t even exist in this life.
No sorry ladies, I have stolen Prince Charming.
He is mine forever, there is no parting.

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