Jesus loves us

It makes no sense at all why bad things happen and good people fall.

But God puts trials in our lives to see if we’ll make a decision, one that is right.

When we are scared on dark, stormy nights, He is there, He is our light.

Sometimes I fall down and don’t get back up; God is there when I am stuck.

When we give up and want to fight, God whispers to us, “I’m on your side”

I know some days, I want to end it all, so I get on my knees and begin to crawl.

But out of nowhere God tells me to stand; He’ll help me out if I take his hand.

I know I should trust in Him but sometimes I feel like I’m failing.

Whenever we wander God will wait, until we wander back to Him again.

I accepted Jesus into my heart, and since then He done wonder’s from the start.

You are a whole new person when you accept Christ; you literally begin a brand new life.

Jesus has saved me from my sins, because He died and rose again.

Up on the cross, He took the punishment we all deserve.

He came to this world to save us all, a perfect human being.

Now we can accept Him into our hearts, soon there’ll be no more suffering in a land soon to be ours.

I love Jesus and will continue to follow Him; He died on the cross so my sins would be forgiven.

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