Salvation through tragedy- Based on a true story

This poem is a story about doing what’s right.

Sometimes to get us to accept Jesus,

God puts things in our lives.


This isn’t about God hating us,

Or Him punishing us for doing wrong.

He gives us trials in our lives

To see how we’ll respond.


A man I know dear and well,

He is like a friend,

Was in an accident where,

He might’ve never walked again.


You see this man had heard,

About Jesus all of his life.

He felt accepting Jesus though,

The time was never right.


One day going to the races,

He didn’t feel so great.

Well, it came to the last race,

And accepting Jesus, was almost too late.


In the hospital

The doctor was very shocked.

Of a tragedy so awful,

How’d this man remain calm?


The man closed his eyes and prayed.

He said, “I’ll accept You Jesus,

If You let me walk today.”

The doctor again came in shocked.


He says, “Sir, I’ve done it,

I’ve fixed you all up.”

This man replied with a twinkle in his eye,

“No, my Savior did, His name is Jesus Christ.”


So you see God loves to fix the broken.

He puts the pieces together and you are chosen.

You can accept Jesus anywhere, day or night.

Just know that Jesus, for you, He died.


Pray and ask Jesus into your heart.

Know that you’ve been a sinner,

Right from the start.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Just three days later He rose again.


Salvation is free and

It’s never too late.

I have completed this task,

And I feel great.

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  1. How many chances will you have to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior? 5, 10, 100 or just 1? The next tragedy may not give you a chance to make that choice. Seek Jesus while there is still time. The words spoke to my heart, praise God, he cares for you!

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