The story of little bird

In the middle of the night when the moon arose, little bird stayed up waiting for his mother. She left him and he was waiting for her to return. In the mean time he cooed thinking she would hear him. His coos were hushed by a nearby owl. He would say, “Little bird don’t be sad, maybe she will come back.” Little bird was still sad. His mother left before he knew how to fly. So in the nest he would wait for her.

As the dark became morning and still little bird cooed, the owl noticed how little bird never flew from the nest. Being up all night trying to get supper made the owl tired but listening to the cries of this poor bird, didn’t make things any better. The wise old owl decided to teach little bird how to take care of himself. For being a wise owl as he was, he knew that little bird’s mother was gone for good. The big owl closed his eyes and waited for the evening.

The sun soon set beyond the clouds and all day little bird waited but his mother had not returned. Where had she gone? Did she even care about little bird any more? Why wasn’t she coming home? Little bird pondered these thoughts not knowing that the big owl was coming to the nest to teach him to fly.

Upon arriving and scarring little bird, the wise owl perched and simply said, “Tonight we fly.” Little bird looked at the owl as if the owl said he was going to eat him. He looked over the nest and then back to the sky. “But mama’s not here.”

The owl grew sad. He knew all little bird wanted was his mom to be there for him. He looked at Little bird and said a wise saying, “Sometimes in life you have to do things for your self even if it means standing alone.” The owl spoke to little bird as if little bird was his own offspring. Little bird smiled and hopped to the edge of the nest with excitement. He spread his wings and the wise owl grinned and gave a little push. Little bird flopped out out the nest with panic. The owl swooped down next to him and said, “Spread your wings and flap them little bird.” Doing what he was told, little bird began to fly. He could now leave the nest and fly on his own. The old owl smiled. He knew little bird could do it all along. He flew with little bird all night long and even allowed little bird to sleep in his hollow hole in the great oak tree. “Little bird, fear will hold you back, courage will push you forward, remember that.”

From that night on, little bird no longer waited for his mom. He came to realize he had to do things for himself in this life. The owl never stopped being there for little bird and little bird loved the owl forever. When it came to little bird having a family, he stayed by their side and never left until he knew they could fly on their own.

The bridge

He was standing on the edge of the bridge looking over it. I was walking by when I saw him. My first thought wasn’t that he was going to jump but that something caught his attention in the rocky waters below. I walked further down the bridge to not startle the guy. I looked down at where he was looking but I could see nothing. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him staring at me. When I thought he wasn’t looking at me, I glanced over. He now had both legs over the side of the bridge and was intensely looking at the water below  him. I knew then that he was going to jump. I inched closer to him hoping he wouldn’t notice. I now was standing about five feet away from him. I continued to look at the water below.

“Are you going to jump?” I asked him. I must’ve startled him because he jumped a little and held on to the side of the bridge harder.

“Stay back man! I’ll do it.” He warned. I looked at him. He was just a young kid. What could push a kid this far to want to end his life? How did it reach this point?

I was in my mid-forties and I could easily tell that this kid was in his late teens. He couldn’t be much older than that. His shirt was ripped in the front and his eye was purple and swollen.

“I’ll man, I will.” He repeated and I looked at him for a second longer and then back at the water. I simply asked him, “Why?” and I swear up and down that kid looked at me like I had four heads. This kid had no idea what to say. I bet no one had ever asked how he was doing, or wondered if he was doing okay. I bet he didn’t have anyone who cared about him but I knew he needed a person like that. In a single moment I decided to be that person and stand up for him and care about him. If not me, who would?

“Why not?” were the only words out of his mouth. I chuckled a little and then stepped closer. He once again warned me to stay back. In my heart, I don’t believe he wanted to jump. I think he was more scared than anything. He wanted someone to find him so they would love him like no one else would. He wouldn’t someone to reach out and care and I bet he waited for a while for someone to walk across this secluded bridge. That person just happened to be me.

I looked at him again and pointed to his eye. “Your dad do that to you?” He touched his purple eye and cringed for a second and then his face became angry again. He  made his hands into fists while still holding onto the bridge.

“That dirtbag will never be my dad” I could see how angry this kid was and I knew right then, he had no place to go and no one was there for him. He wouldn’t jump though, I didn’t believe it. He had jeans and wore a plaid shirt. His hair parted in the middle. His thick round glasses were broken on one of the lenses. This poor kid was probably made fun of for the way he dressed and I would put money on it, he was very smart and always had good grades.

For a few minutes, there was nothing but silence. Neither of us talked, just looked at the waters. I decided to break the ice by asking him if he was on honors. He looked at me and corrected, “high honors”. I smiled but he continued to frown.

“Why are you standing here?” He snickered. “I am going to jump.” I looked back at the waters. I rubbed my eyes thoroughly before asking, “Is it worth it?” This kid looked at me shocked. Why would some random stranger stop and talk to a kid who is obviously a nerd and not very popular? Why would someone try as hard as I am to get this kid to not end his life? I will tell you, it is because there are people who care.

For several minutes this boy did not look. Instead I saw a tear trickle down his face. He quickly wiped it off with his fist. he looked at the waters and at the sky and back down at the waters. When finally this boy was able to speak, he said, “my mom died when I was seven and my dad is a drunk. I get the crap beaten out of me everyday at school. Who is going to care if I jump or not?” I looked down at the water and let a tear too run down my face.

“I will care.” The boy looked at me with wide eyes. I continued talking. “About two years ago, my son jumped off this bridge. He was a lot like you. He thought if he ended his life, other people would be happy. He was incredibly smart, but didn’t quite fit in. I wasn’t always there for him.” Before I could finish, this kid had tears streaming down his face.

“Travis. Travis jumped off the bridge.” I wondered how this kid knew my son and that’s when it hit me. Travis always talked about hanging out with Nathan. I then looked at this young kid and said, “Nathan, Travis talked a lot about you. If you come onto this side of the bridge, I will take you in and take care of you. However if you jump, no one can help  you  or stop the people hurting you.” Nathan looked down and cried harder. I think for once in his life he finally realized that in life, there are people who care and will help. Nathan slowly turned around and I offered him my hand. He climbed back over the railing and I wrapped him in my arms. He cried into my shoulder like a little kid. I don’t believe he was ever allowed to cry given his circumstances. Nathan finally took a deep breath and together we walked off that bridge.

A change of heart

A man walked down the street one day.  His name was Tom Fitch. Tom had noticed a man up ahead of him sitting on the streets covered in rags and filth. He had a tin can in front of him. As Tom approached this man, he saw that in the tin can there were a few dimes.

Tom was a businessman and worked at a high paying company. He had hundreds of dollars in his pockets but only dropped in two quarters. Ka-tink was the noise made by the quarters in the can. Tom walked off.

At home Tom took his shoes off and rested on his expensive couch. He thought to himself about the homeless man but soon got off that topic. He had felt inside a little voice saying, “Help him Tom, help him” Tom decided to turn on the TV instead to get his mind off of this poor man.

Outside the winds blew and this homeless man shivered. It was quite cold outside and he did not own a jacket. He grabbed the little change he had and crawled behind a dumpster in one of the alley ways.  This man’s name was Hank and Hank used to be a rich man. People thought because of poor alcohol use, that was how he became homeless. No one really knew the real reason. You see, Hank’s wife had an affair with another man the same day a fire caught way to the set of offices Hank worked at. He was without a job and without a wife. He had no children and when he failed to pay his bills, the bank took his home. He had nothing. He drank a little alcohol and  was hooked instantly.

Inside Tom’s warm house, the fireplace lit the living room up like day. Tom was very cozy in his new recliner chair that had cup holders and massaged your back too. Oh Tom thought he had it all. Inside really the only thing he did not have was a heart. Tom was such a selfish man. His wife had left him because he only cared about money and himself. A few weeks after being divorced from him, Tom’s  wife Sarah died in a car accident. Tom didn’t even have the respect to go to her funeral to the woman who loved him with all of her heart.  Sarah’s family blamed Tom for the accident because Sarah was so upset she couldn’t focus on her driving.

Tom decided he had a rough day and it was time to go to bed. As Tom lingered to his bedroom, a sense of guilt wiped over him. He knew it had been a cold night and all he could think of was how awful it must be for that poor man living on the streets. As always, Tom shrugged off the feeling and went to bed. It was almost impossible though.

Tom had the strangest dream appear to him while he slept. He was on the beach with a man. Jesus was his name. Tom had been a Christian for a while but after Sarah left, Tom refused to go to church and believe.

In the dream, he dreamt of walking on the beach with Jesus and talking about life.   Why do I feel guilty?”My son, you are rich but selfish. You care of only money and no one else. A homeless man named Hank sat on the sidewalk today.  You had hundreds of dollars in your pockets but only dropped in two quarters. Why?”s chin slightly and lifted his face. Tom nodded his head and instantly woke up. He looked at his alarm that read: 9:00 A.M.  Tom yelled. He got out of bed and rushed getting ready for work.

Tom ran out the door and down the street. He stopped by to see Hank first. As he approached Hank, Hank stood up and quickly shook Tom’s hand. “I knew you would come back.” Hank smiled. Tom was shocked. How did this guy know her would come back.

“But how did you know I would stop by?” Tom asked. Hank smiled and leaned against the wall. He looked up towards the sky and closed his eyes and then began to talk.

“I had a dream last night that I was walking with Jesus. He told me a man that walks by me every day is going to come to me and offer to help me and that I should take the help and get better. He said I should begin to go to church and follow the ways of God.” After Hank was done speaking, he looked back to see a now crying Tom. Tom hugged the man and Hank hugged him back. Tom flipped open his cell phone and called in sick to work. He took Hank home and from that day on helped Hank get a job and a house. Both men went to church and started following Jesus.