Our wedding

Down the aisle I walked down.

I had on this long white gown.

There you stood, smile on your face,

Waiting for me to take my place.

Walking down the aisle, dad by my side.

Everyone watching the groom and bride.

When at last I’m standing there,

All I can do is stand and stare.

We’re about to start our lives,

Together as one, man and wife.

After saying the vows we wrote for each other,

We walked hand in hand as newly wed lovers.

My love

My heart races, when you touch me.

My life is still when you look at me.

A single day is nothing without you.

You’re my heartbeat, my every breath.

The reason I live is you.

At night, when I’m in your arms, I am safe.

Your kiss on my neck, is my security.

The touch of your hand on my back, is a good feeling.

The love that pours out of you and into me,

You are the best husband a woman could ask for.

Aydin the almighty and the man stuck on the island

Once upon a time there lived a brave boy. This boy’s name was Aydin. By day, Aydin was your average six-year-old but by night Aydin became a superhero. His goal was to help people and to stop criminals. He was able to fly over oceans and lift tall buildings. Aydin always made sure he was home by nine o’ clock. At nine o’ clock, Aydin’s mom always checked in on him. One night after being tucked into bed by his dad, Aydin heard a cry for help because he also has super sonic hearing.
Aydin hopped out of bed and pulled on his cape. “Time to go stop criminals!” Aydin opened his window and flew into the night sky.
“Help! Help!” A scream rang out and Aydin flew toward the scream. It came from an island. In fact, there were no criminals but a person stuck on an island surrounded by sharks. Aydin took no time at all as he swept in and grabbed hold of the man’s wrist.
“Awww! What’s happening?!” The man yelled. Aydin looked down and smiled. He flew across the oceans and over vast deserts. At half past eight, Aydin dropped the man off at his home and looked down at his superhero watch.
“Oh no!” Aydin cried. It was almost nine o’ clock which meant his mom would be checking in on him very soon. With super speed, Aydin flew back home and in through his bedroom window. He threw his cape into his closet and jumped into bed. He heard his mother open the door. She leaned against the door, crossed her arms and smiled. Her little man was so cute!
All of a sudden, Aydin’s mother felt a cool breeze. She realized Aydin’s bedroom window was open. She walked over. “Huh.” She said to herself. “I don’t remember leaving that window open.” She smiled and kissed her son on the top of his head and whispered, “Goodnight.”
As soon as Aydin’s mother turned her back to leave, Aydin opened his eyes and smiled. He could not wait until the next morning to tell his parents about this awesome night. He closed his eyes and was soon asleep.
The next morning, Aydin raced down the stairs and into the kitchen. His mother was making her famous pancakes. Aydin loved them.
“Mom, guess what happened last night?” Aydin’s mom smiled. Her son was always talking of these wild adventures he was having. Aydin’s father looked up from his computer to listen to his son tell the story. Aydin began.
“Well, there was a man stuck on a deserted island. He was surrounded by sharks! I flew in and saved him.” Aydin’s dad smiled and added, “That’s my boy!” Aydin’s mom smiled and replied, “I am glad you had a good night hunny.” She winked and made breakfast. Aydin just shrugged his shoulders and smiled. It was a good night.

My baby

My precious angel, now is gone.

In Heaven, in God’s strong arms.

My heart it breaks, for my baby.

I just can’t stop myself, from crying.

Oh precious child, beautiful baby,

Please know we love you,

Wherever you may be.

Look down from above and see our pain.

Remember that we will see each one day.

Precious angel

He took you away, though I don’t know why…

It hurt me real bad, all I could do was cry.

It doesn’t seem fair that you’re not here with us,

With whatever the reason, the Lord we do trust.

There was a reason He took you home,

I wish I knew why, I wish we could know.

One day we will all meet up again,

And spend eternity in Heaven amen.

I dream of the day when I will meet you,

Until then, daddy and I will try to make it through.

Help us be strong, little angel of mine,

Send us love from above to help us stop crying.

Our hearts are hurting, they’re broke and they’re crushed,

I hope dear baby, you know we love you so much.

Take me

Take me away to the ocean.

Release me just like a fish

I’ll swim and swim and swim all day,

This is what I wish.


Take me to the forest,

Surrounded by the trees.

Open the door to my cage,

So I can learn how to use my wings.


Take me to the mountains

With all of the big cliffs.

I’ll gaze at all the beauty

And the little things I miss.


Take me to my home,

Which isn’t really a house.

It’s where your family gathers

To pass love and laughter all around.


You forced me down even though I said no.

The marks and bruises, they would show.

You kept on hitting me so hard.

I begged and pleaded for you to stop.

Almost two years we were dating,

But the love it was fading.

The secrets I kept and never did tell.

Go somewhere safe and crawl into my shell.

If I could tell you something right to your face,

I’d tell you you’re a monster, a huge disgrace.

Because of you, I trust no one.

Because of you, I always want to run.

Run far away from all my fears,

But it always seems to lead to tears.

You ruined me and made me feel so stupid.

My broken heart, is just so wounded.

You suck, you’re a jerk, all you’ll ever be.

I’m glad I’m not with you because now I am free.

Your story

From cover to cover

In this crazy life,

There will be times,

When things just ain’t right.

You’ll fall down,

Maybe even stumble.

The important thing is

Is that you remain humble.

There will be times in your story,

That you will laugh, cry,

Or even hate.

Just remember you can turn the page.

This is your story,

You write the words.

Write what matters to you,

Even if it hurts.

You’re on your way,

To make something of yourself.

This is your story to tell.

My words

The words I write

Are my escape.

It is technically how

I’m able to run away.


I don’t like conflict

So I write it all down.

It gives me a smile

And gets rid of the frown.


The words I write

Are my thoughts and emotions.

It’s my escape

From all the commotions.


So when you read

Something I write,

Make sure you know,

I’m talking about my life.

A sincere love.

Her face was pale.

Her skin was cold.

She was dying but still

Her hand he liked to hold.


Eyes always closed

Breaths very short.

He knew too well,

She’d soon be with the Lord.


He prayed real hard

And then the next day,

With breakfast in his hands,

He realized his wife passed away.


Dropping the eggs onto the floor,

And falling to his knees by her bed.

He kissed her soft lips,

And touched her cold head.


He said a prayer to God the Father.

And let tears fall down his face,

He knew she was suffering no more

And was in a better place.