Home is where there is love and joy,

Not a house with lots of toys.

Family are people who care for you.

They shouldn’t be the people who don’t have a clue.

A mom doesn’t have to have given you life.

It should be a woman who treats who right.

Any guy can be a father but it takes a man to be a dad.

The ones who walk away make me mad.

When you lose your way and lose your path,

A caring family should help you back.

In this life while you grow,

There should be a place you can call home.


It still hurts that you are gone.

There are times, I feel all alone.

My heart, it hurts and aches and cries.

I’m missing all the people who died.

In heaven is where most of my loved ones live.

One day I will see my relatives.

For some they have been gone for years.

But still I feel sad and shed some tears.

My eyes water up and tears fall down.

They’re  like rockets as they hit the ground.

I miss you all so much.

Wherever you are, I send my love.


I am a piece of a puzzle,

Of a plan, of a family,

Greater than life.


I am broken and ripped,

Even torn,

But I don’t need to be fixed.


God leads me and directs me,

And shows me,

Where to go and what to do.


The words I say, speak

And whisper,

Should reflect God’s love.


What I do and what I say,

And how I think,

Should glorify God.


Through my words and my actions,

And even my looks,

People should be able to tell I’m a Christian.


Where I have been and things I’ve said,

And who I hang out with,

Say a lot about me.


When I cry or shout,

And when I laugh,

God is still there as my Comfort.


God lives and loves,

And breathes,

In me and you.


He is Alpha Omega,

Beginning and End,

Past and present,

He is here.

A change of heart

A man walked down the street one day.  His name was Tom Fitch. Tom had noticed a man up ahead of him sitting on the streets covered in rags and filth. He had a tin can in front of him. As Tom approached this man, he saw that in the tin can there were a few dimes.

Tom was a businessman and worked at a high paying company. He had hundreds of dollars in his pockets but only dropped in two quarters. Ka-tink was the noise made by the quarters in the can. Tom walked off.

At home Tom took his shoes off and rested on his expensive couch. He thought to himself about the homeless man but soon got off that topic. He had felt inside a little voice saying, “Help him Tom, help him” Tom decided to turn on the TV instead to get his mind off of this poor man.

Outside the winds blew and this homeless man shivered. It was quite cold outside and he did not own a jacket. He grabbed the little change he had and crawled behind a dumpster in one of the alley ways.  This man’s name was Hank and Hank used to be a rich man. People thought because of poor alcohol use, that was how he became homeless. No one really knew the real reason. You see, Hank’s wife had an affair with another man the same day a fire caught way to the set of offices Hank worked at. He was without a job and without a wife. He had no children and when he failed to pay his bills, the bank took his home. He had nothing. He drank a little alcohol and  was hooked instantly.

Inside Tom’s warm house, the fireplace lit the living room up like day. Tom was very cozy in his new recliner chair that had cup holders and massaged your back too. Oh Tom thought he had it all. Inside really the only thing he did not have was a heart. Tom was such a selfish man. His wife had left him because he only cared about money and himself. A few weeks after being divorced from him, Tom’s  wife Sarah died in a car accident. Tom didn’t even have the respect to go to her funeral to the woman who loved him with all of her heart.  Sarah’s family blamed Tom for the accident because Sarah was so upset she couldn’t focus on her driving.

Tom decided he had a rough day and it was time to go to bed. As Tom lingered to his bedroom, a sense of guilt wiped over him. He knew it had been a cold night and all he could think of was how awful it must be for that poor man living on the streets. As always, Tom shrugged off the feeling and went to bed. It was almost impossible though.

Tom had the strangest dream appear to him while he slept. He was on the beach with a man. Jesus was his name. Tom had been a Christian for a while but after Sarah left, Tom refused to go to church and believe.

In the dream, he dreamt of walking on the beach with Jesus and talking about life.   Why do I feel guilty?”My son, you are rich but selfish. You care of only money and no one else. A homeless man named Hank sat on the sidewalk today.  You had hundreds of dollars in your pockets but only dropped in two quarters. Why?”s chin slightly and lifted his face. Tom nodded his head and instantly woke up. He looked at his alarm that read: 9:00 A.M.  Tom yelled. He got out of bed and rushed getting ready for work.

Tom ran out the door and down the street. He stopped by to see Hank first. As he approached Hank, Hank stood up and quickly shook Tom’s hand. “I knew you would come back.” Hank smiled. Tom was shocked. How did this guy know her would come back.

“But how did you know I would stop by?” Tom asked. Hank smiled and leaned against the wall. He looked up towards the sky and closed his eyes and then began to talk.

“I had a dream last night that I was walking with Jesus. He told me a man that walks by me every day is going to come to me and offer to help me and that I should take the help and get better. He said I should begin to go to church and follow the ways of God.” After Hank was done speaking, he looked back to see a now crying Tom. Tom hugged the man and Hank hugged him back. Tom flipped open his cell phone and called in sick to work. He took Hank home and from that day on helped Hank get a job and a house. Both men went to church and started following Jesus.

A fairytale

All day I long for you my prince.

I look and look but continue to miss.

Throwing a coin into a well,

I think of a wish but only time will tell.

Sitting here, just thinking of you.

And then I wonder if you are thinking of me too.

On the stairs, I sing a song.

Until one day you come along.

Our eyes meet and I have a big grin.

Unlike other girls we’re only friends.

Over time we fall in love.

You make me feel like an angel from above.

One day we’ll wed, this fairy tale.

And maybe on the seas we’ll sail.

I love you with all my heart.

Let’s never go apart.

A beautiful little girl

A beautiful little girl,

Born into this world,

Lives with a foster family


A beautiful little girl,

Born into this world,

Her name is Sophie.


A beautiful little girl,

Born into this world

Is a true gift from God.


A beautiful little girl,

Born into this world,

I know she’ll be so smart.


A beautiful little girl,

Born into this world,

I’ll love her forever and always.


A beautiful little girl

Born into this world,

I hope she’ll love Jesus all of her days.